What People Say About Optimal Hyperbarics

Optimal Hyperbarics has helped me maintain my eyesight. I was diagnosed with both wet and dry macular degeneration in both eyes. I have experienced drastic changes in my vision and am now wearing a bifocal prescription which is over five years old.

I was worried about losing my license and through combined hyperbarics and chelation therapy I was able to renew my driver's license for another year.
- Sam, Sun City CA

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and my doctors would constantly prescribe a medication which would work for a short period of time before the tremors and brain fog would set in again and I was back at square one.

Once I discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy combined with a Glutathione IV drip my life has been so much better. I have been able to enjoy my time with my family and feel more energy and a clearer head. The combination of therapies has also helped with my balance and sleep.
- Andy, La Quinta CA

I was referred to Optimal Hyperbarics after being told that I may lose my foot due to a non-healing diabetic wound. I received 40 treatments with Optimal Hyperbarics and was able to avoid surgery and heal my wound.

I am still healed and happy thanks to Dan. I can't say enough for this wonderful caring practice.
- Carmen, Indio CA

At the beginning of 2012, I came to Optimal Hyperbarics suffering from Lyme disease, systemic Candida, and concurrent upper and lower respiratory infections. The latter caused uncontrollable bouts of exhausted coughing which the Pulmonologist was at a loss to even identify.

Additionally I had been told I had Nocardia, which causes abscesses of the lung. Before Lyme I had always suffered from chronic inhalant and food allergies and have a degenerative neuromuscular condition, affecting the mitochondria of my skeletal muscle cells.

During one year of undiagnosed Lyme before HBOT, I experienced dizziness, constant fatigue, brain fog and segmented vision. I was skeptical of hyperbaric, but desperate.

During my first treatment, my sinuses cleared dramatically, so I decided to continue. With more treatments, the Candida and coughing subsided, along with the segmented vision.

Returning to New York without HBOT there, I did go backward but rebounded quickly resuming hyperbaric when I came back to California. As my results spoke for themselves, I continued.

Reading copiously on the internet about HBOT, in addition to Dr. Harch's book, I learned the multiple benefits of O2. Oxygen is cidal to all pathogens, to Lyme a facultative anaerobe and respiratory infections, which by definition are aerobic.

For me, HBOT has cleared longstanding infections I thought I would never lose, as well as filling in a cellular oxygen deficit created by my mitochondrial damage.

Additionally, I feel that after 3 1/2 years, I have finally climbed out of Lyme's black hole. Like Edward Teller, I see that oxygen feeds an aging brain and boosts a feeble immune response to normal levels and I will continue using it indefinitely to restore my health.

Optimal Hyperbarics offers a relaxed but competent setting for my treatment program and Dan's military background with HBOT gives him a special depth of knowledge and safety protocol I would not find elsewhere.
- Marjorie, Palm Springs CA